I really enjoy working with vectors to create logos and stickers.
I also own a vinyl plotter/cutter, which is fun for creating stickers and artwork.

Here are a few logos and stickers I have designed.

Hair by Ami

Ami is a hairdresser in Utah, USA. She asked me to create her a simple logo as an identity for her when she does charity local work.

Hair by Ami

Santa Cruz bikes: Bananatower, Bananasam, Powertower and Megaslower

A fun take on Santa Cruz bikes branding for their Megatower model. I recreated the letters by hand as they use a custom font.

Banana tower
Megatower fun

The Geoffsy

Way aye man Geoff man pet man.

YT Bikes sell a model called the Jeffsy. I combined the name with the character Geoff from an old popular TV show called Byker Grove.

I had to hand create the fonts with illustrator.

Unit Cycles

Stickers for their MY20/21 demo fleet