So far this year I’ve mostly split my exercise between 3 things:

  • Mountain biking
  • Running
  • Yoga

I’ve been running a lot more than biking in last month or so and have pretty much neglected my bike. It’s an odd feeling to be unexcited by anything to do with riding. It’s not my usual mindset and I’m not really comfortable with it. I’m normally the one trying to plan things and organise rides with my friends.

So what has happened? Well, I hit a bit of burnout. I lost my mojo (to quote Austin Powers).

About a month ago. I went out for a ride after work in my local woods and came home after about 30 minutes. I just wasn’t feeling it. Why? I think I was exhausted and needed a bit of a break from it. Between starting a new job, general life stresses, running a lot and going away riding each weekend, I’d just been pushing myself too hard. Something had to give.

Being a mountain biker in Norfolk is hard. Its like being to be swimmer who you live in a desert.

Norfolk boats a dizzying 300 feet/100 metres of elevation from sea level, meaning that we are heavily reliant on travelling to other places to ride where there are such luxuries.

Don’t get me wrong, living here has helped push me to go and visit to some amazing places in the country (and world) to ride my bike and makes me more appreciative of landscapes more rugged than Norfolk but it adds complications to going out for a little local ride.

Over time the travel adds up to long weekends and late nights driving; Which is also hard when you are juggling this with everyone’s life commitments.

After having some time away from the bike I’m due to return this weekend for a Mini Enduro race at the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire. A place I am familiar with and with some good (fast) friends.

It should be fun and other than some nerves about being back on a bike for a race after a month of no real riding, I’m excited to try and get my bike mojo back.