I decided to timebox myself to ten mins to write a blogpost.

This week has been an interesting one. I score it 6.5/10

I’ve been busy starting a new freelance project for an old-but-new client.
Getting fully stuck back into WordPress after a few years hiatus is cool but it has grown and changed a lot so I have spent a lot of time digging through the docs and doing lots of (re)learning. I’m quite enjoying it. I have also seen the ugly side of WP “Development” where a plugin or theme is thrown at a problem to fix it.

Is a 73,000 line stylesheet is acceptable, even if the client isn’t worried by it? I don’t think that’s ok.

Last week saw the release of my first t-shirt design range go live with a client which was exciting. I quite like the freedom of doing shirt designs and have a technique down now with drawing and digitising that works well. Being able to be creative and be paid for it is a wonderful feeling.

Work is slowly starting to roll in which is great – especially considering I dont have a commercial website up just yet. It is in progress but dividing time between work that earns and work for me is tricky. I’m spending a lot of time behind the screen at the moment which is fun but also tiring.

Ten mins up. that was a good exercise. Back to lunch and work.