About me

Cy Culpin 2020 (no beard)

I am a multiskilled, digital all-rounder living in Norwich, England. I moved into a full time digital career in 2005 after some life changing circumstances in 2003.

Throughout my career, I have been incredibly lucky to work in lots of areas in the digital world with quite brilliant people; from small independent startups to super cool design houses, through to national and global corporates on both sides of the Atlantic.

What I do

I have worked predominantly in front-end web development but have strong digital design skills and a passion for email development.

In the past few months I have started to work closely with social media marketing, creating exciting strategies and managing content for freelance clients.

I’m fully versed in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and have further experience with AfterEffects and Premiere for animations and video editing. I use Adobe XD for UI design and prototyping and have some experience using Sketch.

I code responsively using HTML, CSS/SASS, and JavaScript (including jQuery). I have used software such as WordPress, Concrete5 and frameworks such as Bootstrap and Foundation. Recently I started learning React and Gatsby.

I have further, varying levels of experience with many different tools and languages used in the digital and web development world.

What I am doing now

Currently I am freelancing and helping local small businesses with their digital presence. This includes everything from logos and branding, website design and build, social media management, illustrations and the creation of bespoke vinyl stickers.

I have also just qualified as a Certified Email Design Practitioner with Litmus.

Get in touch

Email: cy@cyculpin.com
Tweet: @thatpeskylimey
LinkedIn: Cy Culpin

Here’s a few folks I have worked with

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