Digital signage for Manchester United

Virgin Money entered a special partnership with Manchester United which required lots of custom branding and made for some fun projects.

I was lucky enough to work on one of the first projects which was to create animated digital signage for the Wayne Rooney testimonial match.

The animations were created using Adobe After Effects and played on the hoardings around the edge of the pitch during the match, which was watched by a thousands of people all over the world.

Images taken from the Manchester United Twitter feed.

Virgin Money – HTML Email work

During my time in the design studio at Virgin Money I was able to put my HTML email development experience to good use and help to develop a new responsive component based template in line with the revised “Phoenix” style branding.

Previously the main email template and all of it’s components were in one file. Components were removed if they weren’t needed during the design and build process. This led to lots of code being accidentally left in the build which resulted in potentially broken emails being sent out to thousands of people.

I worked with the team to understand how we could produce great looking HTML email and find ways for code development make more sense to them.

I flipped things upside down and created an empty main template and a suite of individual components that could be added to work.

As well as designers feeling more comfortable working with and understanding the code in an editor, it allowed for better design too.

From here each team member was tasked with creating a new component as part of their annual personal development objectives.

Code samples available on request.

Virgin Money – Social Media projects

Virgin Money have a strong social media presence but also very strict brand guidelines.

Working within social media affords the design team slightly more scope to have fun when putting concepts together.

My left handed credit card campaign was used for April fools in 2017. It was a very rushed job but we just got it out the door in time!

My magic 8-ball campaign was one of Virgin Money’s longest running social media ads in 2017 providing consistent conversions for well over 6 months.